“Platinum OG” Hemp Flower (+23% CBD)


Our Legal CBD flowers are derived from the highest quality hemp strains. They are bred specifically to yield high CBD and low THC contents.

This is one of our Premium CBD flowers.
Flavours: Diesel, woody, pine.
Trim: dense, high quality trim.
Effect: mild relaxation, social and uplifting.

These CBD flowers are hemp derivednon-psychotoxic,THC-free*

CBD Content: +23%

THC: < 0.2%

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Platinum OG Hemp Flower is just as precious as the metal it’s named after.  With a THC content less than 0.2%, this indica-dominant hybrid asserts itself as one of the “heaviest” strains around.

Platinum OG hemp flower is purported to stem from three strains: Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third unknown parent. Flowers are lime green and plump, with prominent orange hairs and a platinum coating thanks to the abundance of THC crystals.

A brief, heady onset settles into powerful physical sedation suitable for nighttime use and pain, stress, or anxiety relief, making this precious strain a robust healer.

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