Berry Blossom CBD Flower


We have excellent  Berry Blossom CBD Flower  for you to use as Medication or for recreational purposes .


Berry Blossom CBD Flower Buds are light green with scattered purple hues while the flavor profile is floral with overtones of candied raspberries and acai berries.


Creates a relaxing effect on the body that leads to body high that will leave focused for the day ahead. *


Great for assisting in a variety of conditions including: Inflammation, Pain and Stress. *


This strain is perfect for tea or vaping or smoking. This strain is optimal for evening usage.

Berry blossom cbd flower features floral overtones of candied raspberries, acai berries, muscadine grape, cherry, and mint.

This product contains less than .2% THC Delta-9

It is highly advised to act responsibly and treat this like a cannabis product, as it can look like marijuana. Kush Factory is not responsible for anyone confiscating this product, nor arresting/fining you for having this legal product in your possession because of a misunderstanding of what it actually is.

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